Contact & Acknowledgments

I welcome respectful contact through this website. I try to answer all such contact but cannot always do so – please don’t take it personally. Or you can follow me on Twitter via @KirstieMParker or connect with me via Linked In.


6 responses to “Contact & Acknowledgments”

  1. Hello Kirstie
    I am an Mixed Media Artist and I am submitting a painting in the Naidoc 2018 Poster Competition and I would like to ask permission if I can use your face as one of our accomplished people. The Theme of the exhibition is called ” Because of Her we Can!’
    Thank You
    Wendy Hallett

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thank you for your email and apologies for the slow response. I’m humbled to be asked and I’m interested. Can you tell me if you have a particular image in mind, or could I supply one? Feel free to email me more details at my personal address

  2. Hey Kirstie,
    I am doing an assignment on you and I was wondering if you have faced any criticism for your race/sexuality/gender?

  3. Kirstie loved viewing your site , such a powerful woman with a great lived commitment, you are deadly.

  4. Dear Kirstie,

    Dr. Jarred Thomas has referred me onto you. I am an Australian Greek Playwright and am currently buidling a show that referes to my direct expereince of visiting Uluru and wanted to ask you if you knew of a cultural constultant or person from the Uluru community whom I could have a discussion with about my reference to Uluru in my show. I hope you can point me in the right direction.

    Thanking you
    Maria Savant

    1. Hi Maria, if you can provide me with a contact number I’ll call you with some details. Thank you

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