Family life

I am a Yuwallarai/Yuwaalaraay woman from northwestern NSW, with Wiradjuri connections. I am 54 years old, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, and a grandmother (Aboriginal way).

My immediate family have lived in Adelaide, South Australia – on Kaurna yerta – for about three decades. I acknowledge Kaurna meyunna, the traditional owners of this beautiful place, and know that their connection, beliefs and traditions are as strong and vital as they ever were. 

Many of my aunties, uncles, cousins and other family members – the Lambs and connected families – still live in and around Goodooga near the NSW/Qld border or throughout southwest Qld.

I was raised in a loving, safe home by my Aboriginal mum (herself the oldest of 18 children) and my non-Aboriginal dad, both of whom always told me, my sister and two brothers that we could be and do anything we wanted.

A generation ago, my extended family were stationhands, shearers, jackeroos and jillaroos, and domestic servants. Today, as well as still working on Country in various ways, we have a teacher, youth workers, a police officer, managers of community organisations, a journalist, a surveyor…you name it…amongst our number.

I thank my family, Elders and ancestors for helping me to become who I am today.

Image Caption: Me, front left, and my family circa 1974.

Us mob, circa 1975

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  2. Thanks really helped me for a school project,
    You are such an inspiration.

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  4. This story really brings out the inside of her, in shows how much she matters. Her origin is the birth of her. This is a big inspiration and gives alot of information. If you are ever researching her, this will make it easy. Thank you for helping.

  5. U R the best ever!!!!!

    1. You might be biased but…thank you, friend.

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