From rain to a rainbow (yuuyuu to yuluwirri)

Here’s the thing, see. I am a yinaar (woman) and my sweetheart is one too. I’m Yuwallarai, she’s Wiradjuri. And thanks to a big bunch of Australians who said ‘Yes’ in the awful but lawful Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, we and other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ) couples are now a […]

Which way? Fifty years since the 1967 Referendum

Below is the keynote speech I gave at the Human Rights Law Centre annual Human Rights Dinner in Melbourne on 19 May 2017. The HRLC protects and promotes human rights in Australia and in Australian activities overseas. It is a gutsy, principled organisation for which I and many other Australians are grateful. To follow the […]

We can’t change history but we can change the future

The other night, I posted to Facebook about how I spent 26 January this year – the 229th anniversary of the landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788. I wrote: “I will remember 26 January 2017. I began that day at the Great Australia Day Breakfast in Victoria’s Parliament House sharing a […]

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